Collaborative Sculpture

I was asked by a graphic designer friend, Daniel Jasper, if I'd consider collaborating with him in the creation of a group of sterling silver pieces based on a general concept that he was defining. He asked me to particpate due to my love of words as well as the fact that he knew me to be proficient in the working of metals. He also indicated that he felt wanted me to provide significant input in the making of these pieces. I agreed to participate and set to work. For now I'm only presenting this one of the three. I won't get into the specifics of the concept that we discussed since it would require a lengthy explanation. Needless to say that the evolution of "type bomb" from the phrase "pipe bomb" is a natural for a couple of people who enjoy how language functions and the expectations that words conjure up.

The pipe and the caps on either end are made of sterling silver as are the letter spikes. The spikes are carefully ordered around the pipe and secured in place. The pipe is partially filled with gunpowder and a fuse inserted into one of the end caps as a means of igniting the powder. In theory, were such an explosion take place, letter spikes would be propelled toward anyone in the immediate area with the possibility of leaving their imprints. To my knowledge, the type bomb has not been field tested. It has, however, been exhibited at art galleries at Yale University and another in New York City. Please click here to view an image showing greater detail.

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