Tanzanite Ring Made By Keith Farley

Platinum ring with bi-color tanzanite and sapphires in deep blue, medium blue, and pink
I was provided a very generalized and disproportionate sketch of a ring to make using a bi-colored tanzanite with a series of sapphires in a variety of colors. The sketch could not be translated, as it was, into a piece of jewelry. I had some major interpreting and designing to do just to achieve a ring that shared the basic resemblance to the original drawing.

Above are images of the resulting ring. I carved the wax, being very exacting in the placement of each of the stones. The ring was cast in platinum. The center stone is a natural 10.56 carat bi-color tanzanite. Descending diagonally down each of the four sides of the ring are a series of square sapphires. They descend down the ring, sequentially, as pink, corn flour blue, and a lighter blue sapphires. Each line converges in a common stone as they flow down toward the wearer's finger.

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