14 Karat Gold Ring With Anthill Garnet and Diamonds

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Upon seeing this Anthill garnet, I knew I had to do something with it....and definitely more than just a traditional setting. The pictures seen below give at least a general visual description of the resulting ring. Further verbal description can be found further below.

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garnet rings


The Anthill garnet set in this ring is cut as a bufftop, having a somewhat convex surface on the top with very basic facets on the underside, and weighs 1.84 carats. The ring is made of 14 karat gold. Set immediately beneath the garnet is an inverted diamond, set in such a manner that the culet (the pointed end of the stone) of the garnet very nearly meets the culet of the diamond. The exposed surface of the diamond gathers and reflects the red of the garnet, giving an additional splash of color in the region of the stones.

Lines are incised on and around the sides and onto the bottom of the ring to create connections between the different portions of the ring. Within the circle on the bottom of the ring, I've set a smaller diamond flush with the surface of the gold.

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garnet ring
garnet rings