Methods of shipping

Since nearly all of my business takes place by way of my website, I only occasionally come face to face with a customer. This wouldn't be by my first choice...but it it is a reality in today's internet-based world. Quite honestly, I'd really like to see a customer's face at least now and again and have an opportunity to interact in person.

In any case, I've become heavily reliant on a variety of methods of shipping in order to get finished jewelry into a person's possession. Given that what I make tends to be reasonably expensive, I'm VERY conscious and concerned about the safety of any shipment... always making certain what's being shipped is fully insured...this making for greater peace of mind for both of us.

Due to what's proven to be seemingly constant changes in the shipping industry...not to mention in the insurance industry tool...most of the shipping procedure is actually initiated through either of two companies that specialize in insuring jewelry and loose stones while in transit. Both of these insurance providers require that goods, ultimately, be carried and delivered by way of either UPS or FedEx. In both cases, they ask that security measures above and beyond what would normally be required by UPS and/or FedEx be employed in order to provide maximum safety for what's being sent. Once I've arranged with either of the insuring companies for the shipping and insurance of what I'm sending, I next make a point of providing you the shipping details and information needed to track the package being sent. I definitely want to make certain you'll have the ability to remain in the loop and know what to expect.

I'll additionally point out, whenever I send an insured shipment, it's required (both by the insuring company AND myself) that an adult signature be secured by the carrier before the package will be released. This is one of the main security measures that's been set in place to make certain the shipment occurs as safely as possible.

I'm fully aware of the fact that most people have serious concerns regarding the safety of what's being shipped. If you have any specific questions about the methods by which I ship completed goods and/or how the process itself takes place, please let me know and I'll do my best to provide answers and solutions, if needed. For the time being, please see my notations below regarding the assorted carriers I most typically use when shipping jewelry or other versions of expensive goods.

UPS shipping

UPS is the carrier I most typically select to ship and deliver finished jewelry. The insurance is provided through either of the two above noted companies that specialize in the insurance of jewelry while in transit. My main reason for most typically selecting UPS is the fact that it turns out to be less expensive than if selecting FedEx as the actual carrier.

FedEx shipping

Some people simply have a better feeling about FedEx than they do UPS, which I find to be as valid a way of thinking through the shipping process as any other. If you'd prefer that I ship what I've made for you by way of FedEx rather than UPS, just let me know and I'll make it happen.

T he main difference I see between the same service provided by FedEx rather than UPS, what's provided by FedEx will cost somewhat more than if being delivered by UPS...usually resulting in $3 to $10 additional charges. The 2nd Day delivery options tend to be reasonably close in cost, usually within just a few dollars.
USPS shipping

ALSO, not so many years ago, I made use of the registered AND insured service provided by the U.S. Post Office a great deal more than I currently do. Based on years of experience, I've found this specific option to be a VERY safe and effective method of shipping...equaling the safety level of both FedEx and UPS, although it almost always proves to travel more slowly.

Over the years the cost of shipping using registered mail has increased significantly, the resulting prices currently coming reasonably close to those of the 2nd Day delivery service provided by these other two carriers. HOWEVER, on occasion, I encounter a reason to ship using the registered mail option. If interested in discussing this option further, please let me know.

Depending on the circumstance, there are other methods by which I can ship and insure jewelry. If you have some specific need not addressed by what I've already presented, please let me know. I'll do whatever I'm able to make the shipping process as easy and comprehensible as I'm able for you.

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