Gold and Platinum Rings By Keith Farley

While I make many platinum rings, this page shows primarily gold rings. Combinations of gold and platinum are also possible. The rings presented below provide a very small sampling of the rings I've made and better represent the variety and types of rings I can create. Please click on each picture for details.

If you wish to see more what I've done with platinum rings, please click here and/or ask me to point you to some additional examples. Once I know more specifically what you're looking for, I'll be better able to show you a great deal more. So please feel free to make inquiries. The telephone number and tab to initiate an email are located at the top of the page. Otherwise, the email address is

Please click on each of the pictures to visit a specific page for the ring

rubellite ring

Rubellite ring

tanzanite ring

Tanzanite ring

garnet ring

Anthill garnet and
diamond ring

white gold ring
While gold and diamond ring
tahitian pearl ring
Pearl-sapphire ring
citrine ring
Citrine ring
spinel ring
Pink spinel ring

tanzanite and rubellite ring

Tanzanite-rubellite ring
tahitian pearl ring
Tahitian pearl ring
iolite and platinum ring

Iolite ring
tourmaline pearl ring
Tourmaline and
Chinese pearl ring
Iolite ring

Iolite ring
lapis and diamond ring
Lapis and diamond ring
peridot ring
Peridot and
rubellite ring

Sapphire ring
enamel rings

A group of three interchangeable white gold rings with enamel
rhodolite ring

Fantasy cut rhodolite garnet ring
tourmaline ring
Fantasy cut
tourmaline ring
amethyst ringFantasy cut amethyst ring tourmaline ring
Fantasy cut
tourmaline ring
citrine ring

Fantasy cut citrine
columnar ring

AT&T ring

Architectural ring
after AT&T Bldg

architectural ring

Flying buttress

fantasy cut amethyst ring

Fantasy cut amethyst and tourmaline ring
amethyst and diamond ring
Fantasy cut
amethyst ring
    architectural ring

Aquamarine and pearl ring

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gold and platinum rings
platinum wedAT&T building ringding band