Contemporary Jewelry by Keith Farley

I make many types of contemporary jewelry, most being made as one of a kind. I make gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, and some pieces made from combinations of both platinum and gold.

This page is intended as a gateway through which I'll guide you to other pages where you'll find a small sampling of pieces I've made. These represent just a few pieces in the area I refer to as "serious jewelry." While I think of it as serious and very wearable, I also make a point of incorporating playful and whimsical elements into most any piece of jewelry I make. Please feel free to browse and get at least a sense of the types of jewelry I most typically make. Then contact me and let me know what seems of interest to you. We can then discuss more of the options and specifics of what can be done, at which time I'll be able to provide you an estimated price.

Please click on the hyperlinks or the corresponding images below indicating thegeneral variety of jewelry. Select from serious rings, pendants and brooches, and earrings,

gold and platinum rings





pendants and brooches