Interactive, Kinetic and Robotic Sculpture by Keith Farley

On this page and those linked to it, glimpses of sculptures created by Keith Farley can be found. At minimum, each sculpture exhibits some level of interactive quality that is intended to be shared with those who view them.

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Type Bomb 1

This piece is the result of a collaboratve effort between myself and friend who's a graphic designer. He provided the basic concept and left me largely to run with it. My love of words and the "marks" they make upon us combined with my compulsion to realize the highly crafted object you'll encounter.

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robotic sculpture with Ganesh

Self-Scape 4

Have you ever found yourself really compelled by a particular place or situation, only to find that it was just beyond your reach?

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Survial #10

An odd and ambitious combination of glass, steel, silver, bronze and lead.

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Portal 1

This is yet another sculpture that is very much entrenched in issues of balance, both physical and conceptual balance. Several diverse balance systems come together in this piece and result in a wild, unpredictable time-based performance.

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interactive sculpture

heirloom baby rattle
interactive sculpture