Interactive Sculpture By Keith Farley

"Portal #1" Page One

Steel, cement, bronze, copper, sterling silver, dyed nylon cord, fiberglass mesh, cast ice, water, candle, glass, sand, sodium metal.
Height-9' Length-19' Width-3'

A solid cement base provides support for the rest of the structure. Several layers of steel are individually bent and riveted together forming a spring-like support for the remaining parts. Two pairs of cast bronze elements fit snugly around the steel arc and are held in place by tension. Each pair provides pivot points for diverse balance systems that bring about the interaction of the more primal elements contained in this piece.

On either end of the lower system are hand-forged bronze bowls, each with a wide, patinated copper rim. Both contain a quantity of water and require that they be nearly balanced, the greater weight being carried in the outer bowl. The larger, inner vessel has a fiberglass mesh on which small pieces of sodium metal are placed for subsequent interaction. The balance in the upper system is established using a nylon cord that crosses over more bronze elements that form a pulley at the top of the piece.



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