Sculpture By Keith Farley
"Self-Scape #3"
Steel, glass, stainless steel, sterling silver, wire
7'X 5' X 16"

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Two additional silver sleeves are also connected to a single strand of wire that crosses over the stainless steel rod, each silver sleeve then slipping over the ends of the glass rod. Then the fun begins. The string tightener is cranked to the point that the stainless rod applies sufficient pressure on the glass (which, if left on its own, would simply fall and break) that it actually arches backward until the glass is held in place.



While all is held in place by the tension applied through the bass guitar string tightener, it threatens at the same time to destroy the piece, which has happened on several occasions. Additionally, etched into each panel of glass and hand stamped up and down each side of the steel standard is text that expresses a seemingly infinite number of versions of phrases suggesting that the viewer come and check it all out followed by another phrase suggesting that the viewer stay away and maintain a safe distance.


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