Sculpture By Keith Farley
"Self-Scape #3"
Steel, glass, stainless steel, sterling silver, wire
7'X 5' X 16"

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A 16" X 16" glass square supports a 6 foot tall steel standard. Riveted toward the top of either side of the steel are small steel pieces that support the lower edge of the two glass panels. Through each piece of glass a tiny hole has been drilled allowing for the insertion of two tiny wires. On one side these wires have been connected prior to feeding through the glass, then through two tiny holes on either side of the top of the steel standard and then through the hole in the other piece of glass where it is securely connected as a partial means of securing the glass in its proper position. Strung across the top of the glass pieces is a stainless steel rod with steel supports to help it retain its position on the glass. Riveted to the steel piece is a bass guitar string tightener. A wire extends from it and connects to a sterling silver sleeve that slips over a glass rod to rest in the middle.




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