Lead Sculpture
"Self-Scape #5"
Lead, bronze lock, gold plated sterling silver key, wire glass
12" X 8" X 6"

This object is a box made of lead (what I sometimes think of as a 20th Century form of armor). In the top of the box is embedded a piece of wire glass for security purposes, to do no other than prevent break-ins while still allowing a view of the inside of the box. There is a functional lock, the parts of which I carved from wax, cast in bronze, and then assembled.

So, you ask, where's the key? Where else would you expect me to put it but nestled just out of reach inside the box, behind the lock and security glass? A body of text is stamped into the lead inside the box. All of it suggests how wonderful it is inside and invites the viewer of the piece to find his or her way in and to share what lies within.

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