Sculpture By Keith Farley
"Self-Scape #4"
Cast bronze elements, forged bronze elements, steel, soapstone, copper bowls, hand blown glass, ethanol, fire, water
7' x 5.5' x 1'


Across a portion of each arm, small letter placards are arranged and balanced in the upright position to spell out words. The word or words on one side carry an opposing meaning to those inscribed in the placards on the other side. The entire system is very precariously balanced and, once ready, the ethanol is ignited. As it burns and interacts with other elements of the piece and its immediate environment, the overall system of balance is increasingly disrupted. The arms become more and more inclined as the fuel continues to burn.

Finally, some portion of it gives way. A chain reaction is set into motion that ultimately ends in what might be seen as the destruction of the piece or might otherwise be understood as its reconfiguration or redefinition. Its several life spans have ranged between seven and fifteen minutes and each has occurred in a unique manner.


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