Customer References

In the past I provided three web pages of customer references including one or more methods of contacting any one of the people who agreed to vouch for me and the services I provide.

However, due to the fact that email addresses listed on web pages now tend to be harvested for inclusion in mass emailings, I've opted to no longer include this type of information on web pages. Among the last things I want to be responsible for is a person receiving unwanted spam.

As an alternative, I suggest that you contact me either by clicking on the hypertext address or by clicking on the email tab in the upper left portion of the page. Either method should open an email addressed to me. In the email, simply request that I send you a list of references. Please include some notation in the subject line before sending the email. I receive a great deal of spam which causes me to be very hesitant even to look at an email that doesn't include a subject. I'll make a point of replying to your email with a list of recent customers who have agreed to this with at least one method of contacting them.

I apologize for not currently knowing of a better method of making this information more easily available. Unfortunately, the intrusive methods some people employ in acquiring addresses for mass emailings causes me to take this approach. Thank you in advance for your understanding.