Heirloom Silver and Gold Baby Rattle by Keith Farley

From the series of sterling silver heirloom baby rattles I've made during recent years, this is one additional representation. The baby rattle is made largely of sterling silver and has set inside of it a faceted gemstone that can be seen through the holes in the 14K gold cover. There is an additional gold element located on the end of the handle in which a cabochon green tourmaline has been bezel set. Inside the chamber I've enclosed a number of elements that produce the noises associated with the rattle.

When inquiring about this particular piece, please make reference to rattle2. The telephone number and tab to initiate an email are located at the top of the page. Otherwise, the email address is farley@artwork-inform.com

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heirloom baby rattle
heirloom silver baby rattle
heirloom silver baby rattles
sterling silver baby rattle
heirloom baby rattles
heirloom baby rattle