Jewelry and Metal Working Processes By Keith Farley

It is my intent to provide an educational resource within this web site. A portion of this effort will take the form of descriptions of those processes involved in making jewelry and other metal oriented pieces. There are many processes, too many to cover quickly. I will begin the the lost wax casting process which will be the first of many in a succession of informative articles of this type. Please check back often. And thank you for your patience as I continue making additions to the processes.

Let's Examine Some Processes:

* Lost Wax Casting
* Methods Of Setting Gem Stones
* Finishing Procedures and Polishing
* Gold and Silver Soldering
* Repoussé and Chasing
* Patination Of Metals
* Forging
* Basic Synclastic and Anticlasting Forming


I'm certain that I will see the need to include other processes so far unnamed. If you have suggestions, please email me (see below) and I'll be happy to consider your requests and possibly implement them as I am able.

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