Tourmaline Crystal Pendant By Keith Farley

14 karat yellow and white gold pendant with tourmaline crystals.
I've always really loved tourmaline in pretty much any manifestation. Tourmalines are generally encountered as finished gemstones, often endowed with some of the most wonderful colors I've seen in gems. I came upon a group of tourmaline crystals in their raw and uncut state. The crystals were quite slender and I was amazed at the intensity of color in each tourmaline crystal. I couldn't help myself and had to buy the lot, since they are pretty difficult to find.

I designed this pendant with the notion of suspending three tourmaline crystals between each side. The two larger elements on either side are cast in 14 karat yellow gold, the tourmalines fitted into place, and then connected. I then used 14 karat white gold wire to wrap around those places where the yellow gold elements are connected. Behind and at the top is a bail that will allow for the pendant to be worn with anything from a chain to a very wide forged neckpiece.


tourmaline crystal pendant

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