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Much of what I make is quite least a lot more serious than what you'll find on this group of pages. Sometemes it's wonderful to let go of the constrains and expectations of the normal jewelry world. The use of pasta in making jewelry opens up all sorts of possibilities, some of which I've begun to explore as you'll find in these pages. Please have a look and see what appeals to you. And if you have an interest in any particular form of pasta, please let me know. I may be able to make something specifically for you.

Over a period of several years I've accumulated quite a collection of pastas. I actually go on excursions looking for new forms of pasta to augment what I already have. I find ways of incorporating their recognizable forms into wearable jewelry. I generally make these pastas into sterling silver pieces, although I have made some of gold, mostly upon request. Due to the fact that the volatility of the precious metals markets, I'm listing only some of the prices. If the cost of any particular piece isn't listed, please feel free to inquire, either by telephone or by email. If contacting me by email, please include one or more reference numbers in the subject line.

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