Platinum Jewelry by Keith Farley

As I continue to develop this portion of my website, please check back often to see
newly added platinum jewelry. Also, feel free to contact me directly. Once I know more
about your general interests, I'll be better able to refer you to particular examples
I've made. I'll also point you to
from which a person can browse some additional jewelry I've made using
platinum and or gold to get a better sense of what I do.

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Seen to the right is a platinum ring with an opposing bar cut iolite and two diamonds mounted in the underside of the ring. Please click the thumbnail image of the platinum ring to find out more.

Please note that this portion of the website is being developed with only so much shown at this time. Feel free to browse additional platinum rings beginning at and from

platinum and iolite ring

platinum and Tahitian black pearl pendant

A picture of a pendant made of platinum is seen to the left. It holds a Tahitian black pearl that measures between 10 and 11 millimeters. A smaller black pearl has been set directly above it, and a pair of cabochon tourmalines have been bezel set on either side of the pendant. Please click on the picture of the platinum pendant to the left to find out more.

The platinum and diamond earrings seen in the picture to the right are at the same time simple, contemporary, and easily worn. Please click the thumbnail picture of the platinum earrings for additional information and larger photographs.
platinum earrings
platinum jewelry
platinum jewelry
platinum wedding band