Rutilated Quartz Jewelry By Keith Farley

14 karat gold pin with rutilated quartz, tsavorite, amethyst, jade, and sugilite

This is where we began

I was approached by a friend who wanted to have a pin of an undetermined nature made for his wife for their anniversary. The general direction it was to take was initially unclear , but he wanted an interesting stone to act as the main element. Over the years I've accumulated some gemstones, some of them falling into the category of unusual. From my collection I unearthed the piece seen at the left, a really serious piece of rutilated quartz. He saw the stone and immediately felt that this was the one he wanted to present to his wife. He additionally specified that he'd like to see some jade incorporated alongside the quartz and left it up to me to work through some ideas of where to go from that point. I did a number of drawings and presented those that I felt best accentuated the quartz while still treating the remainder of the piece as though the rest of it mattered. Below is an image of the resulting piece.


rutilated quartz jewelry
The resulting piece, a 14 karat yellow and
white gold pin, rutilated quartz, tsavorite,
amethyst, jade, and sugilite

It is composed entirely of 14 karat gold, mostly yellow gold. The quartz is securely housed down inside of the body of the pin where it will be protected. On either end is a trillion cut gemstone, amethyst on the left and tsavorite (green garnet) on the right which is set in an additional element of 14 karat white gold. These stones complement one another, setting up a strong visual drama both between themselves as well as with the quartz. Further picking up on the use of these colors as a means of creating greater unity within the piece, the more subdued piece of green jade is inlaid next to the amethyst to establish another dynamic interaction of color. On the opposing side is inlaid a piece of sugilite of a subdued purple color. It interacts with the tsavorite next to it. Engraved into the two raw gold sides of the pin are subtle lines that pick up on some of the linear patterns occurring within the rutilated quartz.

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