Fantasy Cut Amethyst Pin By Keith Farley

14 karat gold pin with fantasy cut amethyst and pearls
As is often the case with unusual gems, I purchased this amethyst to think about how best to place it in a wearable piece of jewelry. Nearly too large for a ring (although I've occasionally used larger gems than this in rings) I chose to make a simple and understated pin with it as the centerpiece. The body of the pin is made of 14 karat gold and picks up on the forms contained within the amethyst. The left and right ends rest against the body while both the top and bottom projections are elevated to allow for some additional light source. As a means of stabilizing the pin, a pearl has been located under the top and bottom projections. I selected pearls that have a very rosy appearance because it works very nicely with the red-purples of the amethyst.

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