Rose Quartz and Tanzanite Jewelry

14 karat gold pendant with rose quartz, tanzanite, and purple sapphires
A customer selected this combination of rose quartz with a tanzanite bezel set in a recessed area at the center of the stone. The quartz is carved on the underside, giving some subtle but very interesting dimension and drama to the stone. The much starker coolness of the tanzanite plays interestingly against the warm pink of the quartz, this being further emphasized by the white gold bezel.

I worked with the customer in determining how the pendant would ultimately be worn and on what sorts of occasions. I worked up a series of ideas that I presented to her. She selected one that particularly appealed to her. I set into action making the pendant.

The quartz and tanzanite are set in a bezel of 14 karat yellow gold. I chose the much warmer yellow to accentuate the cool appearance of the combined gemstones. I incorporated an additional element that has a generally similar shape as half of the overall gemstone. In a very simple manner, it frames the gems while additionally acting as a bail through which a simple snake chain is inserted to make it wearable. On either side of this element are three small channel set purple sapphires. The color of the sapphires was chosen to relate back to and accentuate the overall color scheme of the quartz and tanzanite.

rose quartz and tanzanite pendant

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