Topaz Pendant By Keith Farley

14 karat yellow and white gold pendant with topaz and diamonds
A customer once came to me and asked if I would design for her three pieces of jewelry using some very high grade gemstones she had purchased. Naturally, I said yes and set to work designing and making them. The pendant seen to the right is one of these articles of jewelry.

Most of the body of the pendant is of 14 karat yellow gold. The topaz is a very large stone, measuring more than 1.5 inches long. Sorry, I no longer have the exact specifications regarding the gemstones used. In any case, it was a very large and expensive stone and a most secure method of mounting it needed to be developed. I housed the topaz inside of ten substantial prongs that will protect it from most objects and the elements on either side will serve to protect it even further. The vertical orientation of the topaz is accentuated by three diamonds on either end of the stone that are graduated in size. These are set in 14 karat white gold to enhance the white of the diamonds. At the top is a large bail through which may be inserted a forged neck piece or pretty much any variety of chain.

This piece was donated the customer to the Museum of Natural History in Denver, Colorado. To my knowledge, it still resides there.

topaz pendant

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