Utilitarian Designs by Keith Farley

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bronze and granite fountain
Bronze and Granite Fountain

Click on the image to the left to view the fountain made of bronze and granite with additional pictures and as seen in larger scale. Rather than the bronze being cast, the assorted faces of the metal are, instead, hammered from bronze sheet to effectively fit one another like a glove and then ultimately combined to form the overall bronze piece. The bronze was left without applying a patina, figuring that between its being outdoors and interacting with water on a regular basis, it would achieve a more natural level of patination.
Hammered Bronze Vessel With Patina

The bronze vessel seen to the right stands 18 inches high. The bronze sheet has undergone a process called raising, in which the metal is hammered over a series of forms called stakes made either steel, plastic, wood, or a combination of these. The furrows in the metal are additionally created through the use of hammers, essentially the process called repoussé, which is often mistakenly referred to as chasing. When finished, I applied a blue-green patina and darkened the inside for contrast.

bronze vessel
silver and gold baby rattle
Lead Armour For the Twenty First Century

Ever have one of those days, months, or years?

"Survival #8"
A leather base supports a series of lead plates acting as armor mail. Stamped by hand into each lead plate is a big NO followed by . . .

Tension Adornment For the Head

From the series:

Springs, tension, the wearable object, a degree of pain, and who knows what else converge . . .

heirloom baby rattle

heirloom baby rattles
heirloom baby rattle