Utilitarian Designs by Keith Farley

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silver pouring vessel
Sterling Silver Teapot or Pouring Vessel

Clicking on the image to the left will take you to a page that further describes what I refer to as a pouring vessel. Like the hammered bronze vessel seen below, this silver pitcher has been made using hammering processes...actually silversmithing.
Colleen's Silver Baby Rattle

A baby rattle made of sterling silver and diamonds, for that very special child and loved one.

silver heirloom baby rattle
silver and gold baby rattle
Silver and Gold Rolling Baby Rattle

This silver and gold heirloom baby rattle is captivating. With its variety of gems and objects each carrying special meaning, this baby rattle easily stands as a family heirloom that will certainly be passed from one generation to the next.

Silver and Gold Heirloom Baby Rattle

A baby rattle made of sterling silver, gold and gems...both inside and outside. This silver rattle is all at once simple, complex, and very elegant.

heirloom baby rattle

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heirloom baby rattles

heirloom baby rattle
heirloom baby rattles