Contemporary Platinum Wedding Rings

Seen below is one of a pair of contemporary platinum wedding rings having a very definite organic nature. The upper and lower surfaces softly undulate. In each of these undulating areas, two sapphires are set, one with a very starkly bright and blue color, the other with a very slightly green-blue. As an alternate and more interesting approach, I've set the sapphires in the lower portion of the ring from the inside, which produces an unexpected visual appearance. ***Please note that rings of similar nature could be made of gold as well and with other types and configurations of stones.

When inquiring about this ring, please make reference to jlwdpt33 and provide a general idea regarding the ring size or sizes. The telephone number and tab to initiate an email are located at the top of the page. Otherwise, the email address is

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platinum wedding rings

View of upper portion of
ring. Seen in the bottom
are the sapphires set
from the inside

platinum wedding bands

The ring seen from
the underside with a view
of the sapphires that have
been set from the inside
of the ring

There is, of course, the possibility of wearing such a ring in two distinct positions, depending on your current choice of orientation. The sapphires set either in the normal configuration, as seen in the center and left photographs OR with what I've so far been referring to as the lower portion as seen in the photograph to the right. In this case, the sapphires that have been set from the inside of the ring will be revealed to those viewing your ring. In essence, you'll have two distinct rings...

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platinum wedding bands
platinum wedding band