Squared Platinum Wedding Band

Based on a request by a customer, I not only established a way of making a platinum wedding ring reflecting some of the basic shapes of the bride's rings, but made the ring with an essentially square configuration. A ring such as or similar to this could also be made of gold.

When inquiring about this ring, please make reference to jlwdpt30 and provide a general idea regarding the ring size or sizes. The telephone number and tab to initiate an email are located at the top of the page. Otherwise, the email address is farley@artwork-inform.com

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platinum wedding ring

The pair of lines traversing the surface continue all the way around the ring. the outermost portions have been brought to a high polish. A substantial texture has been applied to the platinum in region between the lines. The visual distinction between the two textures seen side by side is dramatic.

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platinum wedding band
platinum wedding band