Platinum and Gold Wedding Bands

Seen below is a pair of wedding bands, the main body of each being made of platinum with a single stripe of 18K gold circumscribing the ring. The intense white of platinum in contrast with the gold creates a wonderful visual drama. ***Please note that these or similar rings could be made using alternate colors of gold.

When inquiring about these or similar rings, please make reference to jlwdpt12 and provide a general idea regarding the ring size or sizes. The telephone number and tab to initiate an email are located at the top of the page. Otherwise, the email address is

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platinum and gold wedding bands
This pair of platinum wedding bands is visually simple while being striking and distinctive. 18 karat gold resides within the platinum rings, creating a striking and wonderful play of color between the two metals. I generally make these sorts of rings in the comfort fit style which is somewhat thicker and heavier than most rings. But at the same time, these rings are more substantial and difficult to injure than most rings.

The rings seen in the photograph are 8mm wide.As with many rings, these may be made in a greater range of widths which will very much affect the quantity of platinum required, and thus the price.

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platinum engagement ring
platinum wedding band
platinum engagement ring