Platinum Wedding Bands With 18K Yellow Gold

What can be seen below is a pair of platinum wedding bands with a simple yet playful design that visually connects the two rings.

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platinum and gold wedding bands

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I was contacted by a customer who asked that I create a rather playful pair of wedding rings made largely of platinum and a smaller quantity of18 karat yellow gold.

The width of each ring was specified to be 8 millimeters, although rings exhibiting at least a reasonably similar character could easily be made somewhat narrower or possibly wider if desired.

The bride's ring was to have a small but significantly visible diamond set somewhere in the ring. The customer also asked that some version of wavy design be made of yellow gold and that a circle of gold also be incorporated into the ring. Ultimately, a circle of gold is connected to a straight gold line which extends around the ring. As the line emerges into the opposite side, it transitions into a wavy line that widens as it approaches and stops short of the circle. The widest point of the wavy gold line terminates at a line of five small channel set diamonds that run perpendicular to the ring.

The groom's ring was to retain essentially the same overall pattern of the yellow gold incorporated in platinum. However, he wanted no stones at all. Despite this difference, the resulting rings are unmistakably a pair.

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platinum wedding band
platinum wedding band