Palladium and Gold Wedding Band by Keith Farley

Due to the extremely high cost of platinum, another metal known as palladium has begun to find its way into the jewelry world. It maintains essentially the same color and character as platinum, although it winds up costing only a little more than the same ring would if made of gold.

The greater portion of this very simple ring is made of platinum. Roughly speaking, the 18K rose gold dot and 18K yellow gold serpentine lines have mirror images on the opposite side of the ring. Please note that the ring could be made in a variety of widths and could potentially be made with other than completely straight sides. Also, the pattern seen here is only one of many possible options, which I'd be happy to discuss further with you. ***Please note also that a ring of similar character could be made using alternate colors and/or combinations of gold colors instead. Please feel free to contact me to discuss what you may have in mind.

When inquiring about this or a ring of similar character, please make reference to jlwdpd01 and provide a general idea regarding the ring size or sizes and desired width. The telephone number and tab to initiate an email are located at the top of the page. Otherwise, the email address is

platinum and gold wedding bands

Seen from this side, a single rose gold dot can be seen in the center with two yellow gold wavy lines extending away from the center

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Very contemporary...

understated, yet complex...

From this view one of the undulating, serpentine lines can be seen on its own

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platinum wedding band