Palladium White Gold Wedding Band by Keith Farley

What can be seen below is a 14K palladium white gold wedding band. Palladium white gold is an interesting alternative to the standard nickel based white golds. The color is somewhat different, what I think of as having the appearance more or less the color of charcoal. It has additional characteristics that make it a unique metal to be used in white gold wedding rings. The basic comfort fit configuration of the ring has been further enhanced by a pair of minor articulations in the surface. Any variety of such articulations is possible.

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palladium white gold wedding band

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The ring is essentially a comfort fit wedding band...but with minor articulations in the surface, one on either side of the ring, that bring a unique character to it. Such articulations may easily provide a method of creating visual connections between a set of rings, whether subtle as seen here, or with more ambitious connections.

palladium white gold wedding band

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