Forged Neckpiece By Keith Farley

18 karat yellow gold neckpiece with platinum insert where diamonds are to be set
gold and platinum neckpiece


Just before Christmas I was asked to make a forged neckpiece made of 18 karat gold and platinum. I agreed to do it, although it had been several years since I'd made my last one of this type of neckwear. It sounded like an interesting diversion from the much tighter type of work I had been doing. I was provided a general drawing showing what he hoped it would look like, which can be seen on the following page. However, due to some technical issues I had some serious thinking to do before deciding exactly what materials to order to get started. The materials arrived, two pieces of 6 mm square wire, each being six and a half inches long. There was also a piece of 18 gauge platinum sheet that would ultimately be incorporated into the lower center portion where diamonds were to be set in the pavé style.

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gold and platinum necklace
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