Fantasy Cut Tourmaline Ring By Keith Farley

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This particular fantasy cut amethyst has a very nice softness about it. Most fantasy cut stones are extremely hard edged, seeming even sharper than most faceted stones.

There is something dynamic created when bringing together certain types of greens and purples. In this case, a short row of tsavorites (green garnets) is placed near the back edge of the amethyst.

The shape of the tapered baguette diamond makes it well suited to mestle into a recessed space in corner of the amethyst. The tapered baguette diamond fills the span between the amethyst and a short row of diamonds running perpendicular to the upper stones. Descending directly from the top row of diamonds, another row of channel set diamonds takes off down the side of the ring and stops at the bottom. Five additional diamonds are set underneath the ring.

fantasy cut amethyst ring
Underside of the ring in which
three diamonds are set

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