Fantasy Cut Tourmaline Ring By Keith Farley

14K gold ring with intensely blue and green fantasy cut tourmaline with .79 ct trillion cut diamond

I was most pleased when I saw the stone for sale and jumped at the opportunity. Beginning at one end of the gem is a most intense green that migrates to a deep, deep blue toward the other end of the stone.

The main body of the ring is 14K yellow gold. The tourmaline is positioned in the ring where it is essentially out of harm's way, yet sufficiently exposed to have a dramatic presence. Just below the tourmaline on one side is a trillion cut diamond that is gypsy set, flush with the surface of the gold. These two stones complement one another very well. In the opposing half of the ring, the shank splits and a 14K white gold element is fit and soldered in place, creating a subtle visual dynamic with the introduction of the added color. To create just a bit more visual drama, a .04 ct diamond is set in the white gold portion where the side and bottom of the ring converge.

When inquiring about this ring, please make reference to jlrgau18. The telephone number and tab to initiate an email are located at the top of the page. Otherwise, the email address is

tourmaline ring

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tourmaline ring

Another view of the ring showing the white gold housed between the yellow gold sides. At the corner a small diamond is set in the white gold

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