14 Karat Gold Ring Rhodolite Garnet

14 karat gold ring with fantasy cut rhodolite garnet and diamonds

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This fantasy cut rhodolite (from the garnet family) was cut by Lew Wackler. This garnet has an amazing richness of color and exciting play of light within the stone.

The rhodolite, being so acutely angular, seemed to demand that its corners be protected from inevitable bumps while being worn. It is tucked away within the gold in such a fashion that no corners are exposed. Picking up on the angularity as well as the cuts that have been made on the underside of the rhodolite, I made the ring nearly as angular (while still making it comfortable to the wearer) and made cuts into the gold at specific places where they energetically interact with cuts in the gemstone.

Beginning at the point on the near side of the rhodolite is a row of channel set diamonds that extends across the remaining top of the ring and then turns, cascading down the side and drawing the eye to further explore the ring. Ultimately, these diamonds lead to the underside of the ring where five additional diamonds are channel set.

rhodolite ring

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