Tanzanite and Rubellite Ring By Keith Farley

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tanzanite ring

On the outsides of the ring a .10 ct diamond projects from just beneath the tanzanite and the rubellite. Additionally, a pair of 18K white gold elements is located on the lower portion of the ring, one on each side. These each house a .05 ct diamond on either end, as they protrude beyond the edges of the yellow portion of the ring shank.

This wonderful pair of major stones, a tanzanite and a rubellite (intensely pink tourmaline) are mounted in an 18K gold setting. Separating these two stones is an 18K white element into which a row of princess cut tsavorites (green garnets) is set, drawing the eye to the middle of this colorful drama. On either side, housed by both the yellow and white gold elements are a pair of trillion cut chrome tourmalines.

tanzanite ring

Underside of the ring exposes three diamonds

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