Amethyst and Tsavorite Garnet Pendant by Keith Farley

14 karat yellow and white gold pendant with amethyst, tsavorite garnets, and diamonds with 24 karat gold leaf

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contemporary gold pendant

Pendant made of 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, 24K gold leaf, fancy cut amethyst, tsavorite garnets, and diamonds. The photograph above shows the pendant as seen obliquely from the side.

I began with a 9.72 carat amethyst that is cut in a beautifully cut elongated generally triangular shape. The gemstone is quite large and seemed not well suited for a simple statement in jewelry. I created a housing for the amethyst that would definitely hold and protect the stone while still having character of its own. This particular element is made of 14 karat yellow gold. On either side of this element is a depression where I have located a tsavorite (green garnet) in a bezel.

On the upper portion of the yellow gold piece that holds the amethyst is a 14 karat white gold element that serves two functions. It provides a portion of a hinge mechanism that allows the amethyst to swing freely. It additionally assists to establish subtle contrasts of color within the piece. The 14 karat white and yellow golds complement one another in a soft manner. 22 karat gold leaf has been applied to the recessed area of the white gold piece that creates a stronger visual dynamic between these two parts. It additionally sets up a drama between the lower portion of the pendant, where it is located, and the stark green line of tsavorites located directly above it.

Five other white gold parts are entirely dedicated to making the hinge mechanism function. The upper body of the pendant is of 14 karat yellow gold and is restrained on either side by the hinge. The bail, itself, is completely encircled by thirteen channel set tsavorites (green garnets) making a total weight of .91 carats of tsavorite in the pendant. On the outermost part of either side of the hinge are .03 carat diamonds with a total weight of .06 carats.

contemporary gold pendant

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