Contemporary Platinum Engagement Ring

Seen below is a platinum engagement ring with a unique and playful character. In it I set a 1.27 carat diamond with an E color that appears basically colorless when placed in the ring. Selecting an essentially colorless stone is one of the things that I very highly recommend people keep in mind when choosing diamonds to be set in platinum.

As with many of the rings that I make, I've included a diamond in one or more places where one doesn't expect to find diamonds. It is a sort of trademark of my work. Many people are tired of seeing the same takes on engagement rings and wedding rings and seem more interested in wearing more adventurous engagement and wedding rings. Such details create a very elegant, playful and personal touch, both for the ring and the person wearing it. ***Please note that a similar ring could be made of gold.

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platinum engagement ring


As much as possible, I make this type of ring in the comfort fit style which gives the inner edges slightly rounded profiles. In that there are no sharp edges in contact with the finger, you can be sure that the ring will be comfortable to wear.

To see the platinum, diamond and ruby wedding band made for the groom to complement the ring above, please click here. I also have pictures of the equally or possibly more playful platinum wedding band that I made to complement and fit snugly against this engagement ring. Please contact me if you wish to view the photos.

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