Contemporary Platinum Engagement Ring by Keith Farley

I set about creating the platinum engagement ring seen below with the idea of maximizing the presence of the diamond while making it as secure as possible. After locating an amazing1.00 carat diamond, I set it in the upper portion of the ring. After making the engagement ring, I made a pair of wedding bands, each conforming to a particular side of the engagement ring. The wedding bands are considerably more interesting than it may sound, in that they may be reconfigured to fit together in other ways. If interested in seeing the resulting wedding ring, click

When inquiring about this ring, please make reference to jlngpt16 and provide a general idea regarding the finger size and a rough idea of the desired diamond size. The telephone number and tab to initiate an email are located at the top of the page. Otherwise, the email address is

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platinum engagement ring

platinum engagement ring

View of the bottom of the ring

As with many of the rings I make, I was able to bring into play diamonds in unexpected portions of the ring. The transitions of forms throughout the ring allowed for logical placement of the three smaller diamonds that are channel set on the ring's underside. I've since made a pair of wedding rings to fit this ring that I mentioned above and a ring for the groom that can be seen at To go to a page showing the platinum wedding rings, please click here.

This approach to setting the diamond causes the ring to look very much like tension set rings. But instead of depending on the springiness of the metal, a very small platinum ring connects the two sides of the ring, situated just below the level where the diamond's girdle will be. I then channel set the diamond, a much safer method of securing it. An additional benefit, this type of ring can generally be sized where a tension set ring is essentially unable to be sized.

While I don't make
tension set rings, the resulting appearance of this white gold engagement
ring (and actually nearly all of my engagement rings) shares many similarities. At the same
time, it doesn't have the assorted
problems associated with tension setting.

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tension set rings

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platinum engagement ring
platinum wedding band
platinum engagement ring