White Gold Engagement Ring by Keith Farley

The pictures seen below present a gold engagement ring in which the center stone is a 1.76 carat pigeon blood ruby that's channel set, as opposed to being tension set. The customers were very much interested in pursuing other than diamond as the center stone.

A note here*** Based on what I've mentioned above, I find that quite a number of people have little if any interest in purchasing a diamond, whether based on not feeling the necessity to adhere to the relatively recent perception that a diamond must be associated with marriage OR for the more idealistic reason of wanting to insure that the stone in one's engagement and/or wedding ring will not be derived from localized wars occurring around the world that rely on funding by the sale of diamonds, otherwise known as "blood diamonds." I've recently established a trustworthy source for non-conflict diamonds whose origins (*from non-conflict areas*) are known and can be verified. Please let me know if you'd be interested in pursuing such an option.

***Please note that a ring similar to this could be made of other colors of gold or platinum. When inquiring about this ring, make reference to
jlngau70 and provide a general idea regarding the finger size. The telephone number and a tab to initiate an email are located at the top of the page. Otherwise, the email address is farley@artwork-inform.com

white gold engagement ring
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The person who had me make this ring wanted the additional diamonds set on the underside of the ring as personal symbols

white gold engagement ring

white gold engagement ring

As much as possible, I make this type of ring in the comfort fit style which gives the inner edges slightly rounded profiles. In that there are no sharp edges in contact with the finger, you can be sure that the ring will be comfortable to wear.

During the process of making this ring, I was asked to think in the direction of making a wedding band that would ultimately complement and fit snugly against this engagement ring. I created a wax model from which to make the ring and presented it for consideration. The customer opted to go only with the one ring at this time. I mention this at this point to indicate that I am able to do such types of work as well as to give a person a general idea how the process takes place. If you'd be interested in knowing more about wedding bands that fit and complement engagement rings, please let me know. I can provide pictures showing the wax model with the ring that will provide the general idea.

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white gold engagement ring
platinum wedding band