Amethyst and Tsavorite Garnet Pendant by Keith Farley

14 karat yellow gold pin with opal, sugilite, chrome tourmaline, diamonds, and fresh water Chinese pearl. The opal is combined in a laminate consisting of a 10.0 carat opal, onyx, malachite, sugilite, and one other stone I haven't yet identified.

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When I initially saw this piece of chrome tourmaline laminated with stones of various colors, I was quite intrigued by it. The overall piece of gemstone was large and fairly bulky which presented a number of design problems with regard to transforming it into a "wearable" piece.

After much consideration, I arrived at the following design. I wanted to pick up on the many brilliant colors presented by the piece, but in a very different configuration. I chose to use sugilite to pick up on the outer purple stone, a trillion cut chrome tourmaline for the greens, diamonds not only to pick up on but to accentuate the whites of the opal, and a Chinese fresh water pearl that leans toward the pinks. It contains just enough visual distinction to draw the eye toward the center of the brooch where the two distinct portions meet. Just above the pearl and to the outer sides of the pendant, an arc of channel set diamonds further enhances the overall three-dimensional character of the pin.

contemporary opal pin

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