trillion cut tsavorite garnet

Trillion cut peridot....occurring as an apple green

When most people think of peridot, the image that's conjured up is a stone exhibiting a more or less brownish-green appearance that's not generally considered to be particularly appealing.

There are, indeed, peridots having a beautiful and striking appearance, although a person has to know where to locate such stones in order to find one that's wonderful. If you're interested in locating a really nice peridot, I'll be happy to help you find one that's perfect for you. I have some great resources for both colored stones and diamonds. Just let me know.

A couple of things should be noted about peridot....first, its color pairs particularly nicely those of certain other stones, most generally in the pink or lavender range of colors. Also, it's a reasonably soft stone, which makes it fairly easy to injure. If wanting a peridot set as the center stone, most particularly for a ring, I very much encourage the approach of setting the peridot in a less exposed area, so it won't be as likely to strike one thing or another as it's worn.

Examples of rings in which peridot has been set: