Opal from Australia

australian opal

I remember having a rather ambivalent take on opals in general many years ago. At least that was the case until a singular occasion during the early 1980's when an opal miner from Queensland (as I recall) placed in front of me many examples of Australian black opal that he'd gathered and cut. I was completely blown away, not realizing that opals could even begin to have the appearance of what I was fortunate enough to experience. From that point to this day, I maintain a very serious respect for...ACTUALLY, in awe of the potential appearance of what an opal can be. There are few experiences I can recall that measure up to the excitement and intensity when viewing those hundreds of amazingly beautiful black opals that day. No picture could ever hope to represent the experience, but what you see above is as good a photograph of an opal as I currently have.

The one potential down side, opal is very delicate and can easily be damaged. If having a piece of jewelry (most particularly a ring) made using opal, I would very definitely recommend setting it in such a way that it will be out of harm's way, making it difficult to damage.