Lab Created Diamonds

lab diamond

The technology and knowledge regarding the processes required to create diamonds is still developing. Although this approach to making diamonds in the laboratory isn't yet a mainstream concept, it does make it possible for a person to proactively address the issue of not knowing the definite source of any specific diamond as well as some of the social ramifications associated with the diamond trade. Given that these diamonds are created in the lab (as opposed to being excavated from the earth and some of the problems associated with this overall process) a person can be assured that such a diamond isn't being used to fund any war. Mostly for these socially based reasons, I've had quite a number of customers interested in exploring the possible use of created diamonds, which has ultimately resulted in the making of several rings in which such diamonds have been set. It's worth noting, also, that the cost per carat is significantly lower than that associated with a mined diamond of equal size and quality.

Based on the information available at the time this page is being published, laboratory created diamonds are essentially unavailable to the consumer market in what would be considered a colorless version. While it is possible to create colorless diamonds, the word is that the process isn't yet cost effective enough to make creating such diamonds in the lab commercialy doable.

major colors in which lab created diamonds are currently available.....yellow, blue, and pink. Actually, there are a few other colors being produced and sold, but these already noted colors are the most representative. Created yellow diamonds are available in reasonably large sizes, certainly in excess of the 2 carat size. Pink diamonds tend to be significantly smaller and the even smaller blue lab grown diamonds tend to occur up to sizes around .5 carat.....only very occasionally larger than such a size.

Examples of a few rings I've made in which lab created diamonds have been set:

lab created diamonds