How I can help you find the perfect stone

When searching for a diamond what typically happens, I put out word to my diamond merchants that I'm looking for a stone that is roughly around a particular range of size , color, cut, and clarity. Ideally I'll be able to provide at least a rough idea of budget we have to work with in addition, although it's not a requirement. They will run through their inventories and/or network with their colleagues from elsewhere in the country and sometimes from out of the country and let me know what they have available that fits within or very close to the given specifications. They're able to give me real prices for real stones. This is as opposed to my giving you a general idea of what a hypothetical stone might cost. Whenever possible, I believe it's better to refer to a specific diamond and to be able to quote an exact price. I can then provide you the information I've received from which to consider either by email or telephone. Based on what you suggest to me, I can then have one or more of the diamonds shipped to me. I give each a very good looking over to make certain that each is what it is supposed to be and that it will indeed meet or exceed your expectations. Assuming I have two or more stones to compare, I place them side by side to do just that, to COMPARE THEM visually to see which looks better or best. I'll sometimes shoot digital pictures of the two or more stones as seen together and place them in a private folder on my website and provide you the address needed to view the resulting picture. I'll happily set aside some time to discuss my findings with you and assist you in making an informed decision regarding which diamond would best suit you. I'm not the salesman type will NEVER pressure a person to buy anything. In the purchase of a diamond I see my role as helping you to have a clear understanding of the stone or stones you're looking to buy. I don't make a lot of money in the sale of a diamond due to the overwhelming competition. Where I do get a lot of satisfaction is in knowing that you're getting a diamond that meets or exceeds the levels at which it's been graded and at a very good price. Because the diamond/s do not belong to me, I'm not at liberty to ship them to you for an in person look. I know that it's a little strange buying something such as a diamond without viewing the actual stones being looked at. All I can say is that I'm honest in what I do and sell and that everyone for whom I've ever located diamonds or other gemstones has been most pleased.

To give an idea just how I go about this process, once I know fairly specifically what type and quality stone a person is looking for, I make initial inquiries to see what’s available at the time. Once the results come in, I'm then able to provide a range of options targeted more or less for a particular size and/or quality stone and/or budget. I can then inform you of my findings and discuss what seems to work for you. Based on your input, I can either make further and more targeted inquiries or have my sources send them for my inspection. Once in hand, I often shoot pictures of the stone or stones that are sent and place them in particular locations on my website and provide you the specific address or addresses where they can be viewed. Actually, I'm including below two such addresses. The first shows a group of exceptionally fine diamonds as seen side by side for comparison. The second address takes you to a picture showing a range of sapphires shown together in a similar manner. Please note that I make the pictures very much larger than in real life due to the fact that this reveals all sorts of details that simply can't be seen with the naked eye. In many respects it’s a bit similar to examining a stone using a jeweler’s loupe to magnify what’s being seen. Please visit addresses listed below:


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