Gems, Diamonds, Precious Stones, Semi-Precious Stones

I should begin by letting you know that I'm primarily a designer AND maker of jewelry...and that I also create sculpture and other objects, some of which can be found by browsing my website. At the same time, I very much enjoy gems of high quality and I often incorporate one or more stones in whatever I may be making, whether jewelry, baby rattles, toys...well you probably get the picture. I'd call myself more an enthusiast of particularly fine gems. I take this opportunity to show a range of gemstones that I've found to be impressive. Please note that I'm not a gemologist, although I have had more than thirty years of involvement with a wide variety of gems.

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australian opal
tourmaline green
fantasy cut citrine
Rubellite, an intensely hot pink tourmaline

A very nice Australian opal

Tanzanite, a most beautiful stone from eastern Africa

Green tourmaline. Fantasy cut by
Larry Winn

Fantasy cut citrines by Lew Wackler

sapphire and sapphires
ruby and rubies
Fantasy cut ametrine by Lew Wackler

Sapphire occurs in a variety of colors

Aquamarine, a beautiful blue-green gem

Ruby, the red variety of corundum

Diamonds occurring in white and other colors

Tsavorite, an intensely green garnet

Amethyst, the purple variety of quartz

Tahitian black pearl

Iolite exhibits both blue and deep purple hues

Apatite, a brilliant aqua to blue-green gemstone

Lab-created diamond
yellow, pink, blue

is a form of deep orange garnet

can be a beautiful gemstone


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