Aquamarine: a bright and durable gem

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fantasy cut aquamarine 3

fantasy cut aquamarine 3

Among th
e more prized stones considered to be included in the precious gems, aquamarine is a serious contender. It is a very bright and lively gem. Additionally, aquamarines are quite hard making them considerably more durable than many other gems. If you're interested in a gem that has a wonderful blue-green color, aquamarine ought to at least be considered.

The three examples of aquamarine seen in the pictures above have been fashioned in the style rather generically referred to as fantasy cut. Fantasy cut aquamarines (actually, most gemstones as well) are quite unusual and may be difficult to locate. The person who cut these three stones has proven to be a serious resource for fantasy cut gems of many types, aquamarine include. The stones he cuts range from large collector's specimens to gems that can easily enough be incorporated into jewelry. If you have an interest in locating any type of gem cut in the fantasy cut style, please contact me and I'll be happy to help you locate just the right stone.

Examples of rings in which aquamarine has been set: