18 Karat White and Yellow Gold Earrings

A customer contacted me and asked if i could provide some possible ideas for making a pair of18 karat gold earrings for his wife to present to her on their "paper anniversary." After some serious thought, and questions regarding the feasibility of ideas I felt would likely be workable as well as conducting some experimentation regarding my technical concerns, I presented my ideas to him and I was given the go ahead.

Seen below is a picture showing the resulting pair of earrings made largely of 18K white gold with the remainder being composed of 18K yellow gold, The color distinction is intended to provide greater impact and definition of their relative surface textures and to cause the earrings to have a greater presence.

While working out the many bugs I encountered, I was having some apprehensions about my judgment in having agreed to see through the process to a finished pair of earrings. But in the end I felt they truly did take on and overall appearance of paper, which was at least part of the requirement. At the same time, they were light enough to be worn comfortably, which is something difficult to manage when making large earrings made of high karat gold.

When inquiring about these or earrings with similar appearance, please make reference to erau05

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white gold and yellow gold earrings

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white gold and yellow gold earrings
white gold and yellow gold earrings