14 Karat Earrings With Yellow Sapphires and Diamonds

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A customer had purchased a pair of yellow sapphires that were very bright and nicely matched. He wanted to have them used in a pair of earrings for his wife, possibly incorporating some diamonds. After talking with him for a while about the earrings, I sat down and made some rough sketches describing several possible approaches. He was most intrigued by the one drawing that allowed for a subtle kinetic movement to occur in each earring. He said emphatically, "Go for it!"

The picture to the right shows one of
the pair of 14 karat white and yellow gold earrings, the main element being 14 karat yellow gold. The bezel setting for the yellow sapphire is white gold and serves three functions. It acts as a tripod that is soldered to the yellow gold base, allowing for light to enter from beneath the stone.The polished metal surfaces surrounding the sapphire playfully reflect the stone. Four other elements are needed to allow for the independent movement of each, these also in white gold. Each upper white gold element has three channel set diamonds from end to end. This white gold element serves as the stabilizing structure while the more massive yellow gold portion in which the yellow sapphire is located is suspended from within and is free to move.

gold earrings with yellow sapphire

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yellow sapphire earrings
yellow sapphire earrings