Custom Designed Jewelry: How It Happens

How the custom design process takes place.....

Amongst the more traditional methods used to present ideas is drawing and I'm occasionally asked if I'll provide drawings in the design process. During the many years I've made jewelry, I've found producing drawings to be a relatively ineffective method of clearly portraying articles to be made.

Quite honestly, I both think and work better in three dimensions than on paper. For this reason, I'm better able to explore and present ideas working directly with tangibly three-dimensional materials which I'll describe further below. I've sold what I make by way of my website for over a decade, during which time I've developed very effective methods of presenting ideas that work exceptionally well. I'll provide specific examples supporting this further down the page.
Most generally, drawing is not the approach I'll choose when custom designing jewelry.

, I suggest that a person explore those areas of my website that he or she finds most relevant to the type of jewelry being considered. When something of significant interest is observed, I ask that the person make note of which page (using the URL in the browser's address bar) along with notations regarding noteworthy attributes.This may most easily be accomplished using the cut and paste function of your computer, to include the URL in an email. This will aid me in identifying your references. It's at this point a person should contact me by telephone or email to discuss possibilities.

Based on what you're able to convey to me regarding things you find compelling about what you've seen of my work in combination with whatever ideas you wish to bring into the equation, we can talk about it and establish whether it's doable and/or if it's the type of project I'd be interested in working on. Assuming we're both on the same page, I'll continue forward.

For the most part, the process I ultimately use in making a piece of jewelry involves the lost wax casting process, in which I must initially carve a wax model of the same shape and form as the piece to be made. Once I have a reasonably good grasp of the idea we'll be pursuing, I've found that it's generally easier for me to carve the wax model than to draw it. After completing the wax model, I tale one or more pictures in oversize format to describe the essence of the form of the model. I then publish the images to a folder on my website and send you an email with links that will direct you to where they can be viewed. From that point, we can carry on our discussion regarding possible changes and/or approval of the model before moving forward with the process.

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