Custom Designed Jewelry

To begin, please note the following:

I will not knowingly replicate jewelry already made by someone else. So please don't ask me to copy work done by other people.

Before making an inquiry regarding custom design, I ask that you first browse my web pages to get a general idea what I typically do. There are well in excess of three hundred pages on my website, most of them dealing specifically with jewelry. There are, additionally, pictures showing many more examples not yet connected to web pages. Once I have a general idea what interests you, I can point you to related images. When thinking in terms of custom design, I base this on the notion of a more or less collaborative effort between you (with a general idea of something you're thinking about) and me (based on the types of work I do and my general aesthetic and design sense.)

If after investigating the design sensibilities exhibited in my work, there seems a way of integrating an idea you have with the type of work I typically do, I'll be happy to discuss what you have in mind. I can be contacted by telephone or email, both of which are noted at the top of the page.

With this understood, we can now move on to...
How the custom design process takes place...

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